Phil Parkes: We must show that we want it enough

There will be more days like Everton if we don't buck our ideas up

In the last issue I was talking about how good the games coming up would be for us in October — I didn’t think they could be as bad as they were for us!

I saw the highlights of the Everton game and we really were pathetic. It was ridiculous how bad we were.

I’m not sure how to explain what happened last month. We had a bad result against Palace but we should have won that game. We had created chances to win but we just didn’t convert them.

Then we had a break and I think we all looked at the Everton game as one we should have won and the lads should have got themselves wound up for it because the pressure was really on Everton.

The end result? They wanted it more than us and we weren’t up for it. We’ve got all the talent — I’ve always said I think we have a very talented squad — but the effort they put in was not good enough.

Manuel Pellegrini said if he could have made 10 changes, he would have done and that says a lot about our performance in the first half.

One man who he probably would have kept on the pitch is Roberto. He made some really good saves.

Sure, he shouldn’t have let the first goal in — being beaten at such a narrow angle on your near post isn’t great — but without his performance, it could have been four or five nil at Everton.

The thing I’ve noticed Robert do and it’s one thing I don’t understand about keepers today is rushing out to people and not spreading themselves to make themselves bigger.

I’m not sure who started this trend but there are lots of goalkeepers who have copied this.

When you spread yourself, you make yourself a bigger target but it just doesn’t happen these days.

Number two goalkeepers today are very different to my day. Premier League clubs these days need two good goalkeepers that have similar abilities. We had Randolph and Adrian and last season we had Fabianski and Adrian and we entered this season with Fabianski and Roberto.

In my mind, Fabianski is a much better keeper than Roberto but my point is that you can no longer have keepers who are 38 or 39 who are happy just coming in and being the number two. The game — certainly in the top flight — has changed and your number two can very quickly become your number one and you need someone you can rely on.

Number twos these days need to be ready to go at any moment. I think with cup competitions they know they will get their chance to impress too whereas in my day, if you were number one, you played every game.

When I came to West Ham, Bobby Ferguson was our number two but he was very happy to plod along and play in the reserves. He had a couple of years and then left. Then there was Tom McAlister and he didn’t get a look in for a long time because of how consistent I was.

It can be very difficult for a number two to motivate themselves. I can remember struggling for motivation when I was coming back from injury once and playing in the reserves.

As to the current pair of West Ham keepers, I think there will continue to be an impact on the results with Fabianski out injured.  

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