George Parris: Three strikes and you’re out? Don’t make me laugh

The way Fifa deal with racism is not a joke

I know there has been progress when it comes to tackling racism in football but the three-step protocol was a bit of a joke.

When you relate this to the outside world — to what happens in every day life for you and I — and to your own work environment, who gets three opportunities to abuse someone?

It shouldn’t be in the players’ hands as to whether or not they walk off the pitch. Their focus should be on the game and their performance and if there is abuse coming from the stands, it should be up to someone else to make the right call.

There should be absolutely zero tolerance so that everyone knows the score.

Back in my day, the abuse was by and large only in the game environment. On a given day, depending on the opposition, you’d know you’d get X amount of abuse but that would be the end of it. Today’s players have to live with it 24/7 on social media.

My attitude was to play well and show them it didn’t make any difference. I should add though it didn’t happen every game.

It wasn’t something we would talk about to a great degree in the changing room. There was a certain acceptance — whether that’s right or wrong — that it might happen.

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