Hugh Southon: Getting rid of Manuel Pellegrini is the easy part, but what next?

David Moyes is the favourite to take over if West Ham make a change

Nobody ever thought it would come to this yet the blame game started weeks ago.

As I write West Ham face two hugely difficult games against Chelsea and Wolves, Pellegrini is tipped heavily for the boot, and David Moyes is apparently the favoured replacement with Sean Dyche and Chris Hughton also in the frame.

Eddie Howe has been the name on most lips for months or years, but even during all the long months since Slaven was eventually appointed, he has shown no desire to go anywhere.

That, however, is not a satisfactory response for many – they believe the board should do all they can to get him despite the fact that apart from a spell at Burnley his entire playing and managing career has been spent on the south coast.

He loves the place and even Arsenal couldn’t tempt him away. It’s one of the best known situations in football despite him being reputed as one of the best young bosses of his generation.

How ever much we might hope and wish, it would be nothing short of a miracle were it to happen and at a time when absolutely nobody expected such a situation to unravel at West Ham there are few other options.

The anger, frustration and bloody-mindedness seen on the forums and social media would be infinitely more understandable were there not have been such widespread satisfaction with the Pellegrini appointment.

To expect a top line replacement to be lined up in a matter of a few days – and beyond Eddie Howe – former Spurs boss Mauricio Pochetinno was the name on most lips – is optimistic in the extreme.

He’s on his way to a Real, Man United, Juventus or wherever!

Many will blame or want to blame the board, others the players but sadly the fact remains we are now the same old West Ham as we have ever been and I’ve given up trying to second guess what happens from here.

What I do know, however, is that in the critical match against Spurs it was Nobes, Antonio, Rice, and Snoddy who were the stars.

They are linked by one common factor – all British – maybe there’s a clue to our future there.

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