George Parris: It’s hard to believe just how wrong our season has gone

Things looked so positive but this season could turn into a slog

If someone had said to you it was going to be as bad as it was in October and November, you just wouldn’t believe them.

Especially when you consider that in September we were in the top five, looking up and looking ahead to a good season, and then we were in the bottom five suddenly looking over our shoulder.

There is so much to sort out but the games don’t get any easier – and in December they come thick and fast.

What has been disappointing is that we had games we should have won, especially the games at home like Newcastle.

At the start of the season, you look at the games we’ve had and you could see the ones that, on paper, we should be getting three points and we haven’t. We haven’t even got a point.

I think what’s gone wrong has been a combination of things. Fabianski being injured has been a major factor. There has been a lack of confidence in Roberto and that has spread throughout the team.

There have also been games where I think the players picked for certain games haven’t been correct.

The prime example of that was against Newcastle. They had one of the quickest players in the league and we’ve put Pablo Zabaleta against him.

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