Phil Parkes: Now is not the time to panic, West Ham must give Pellegrini more time

West Ham must give Manuel Pellegrini time to turn things around

Let it be said, I don’t like Roberto at all and, to be honest, he doesn’t even look like a goalkeeper to me – he looks like an outfield player who has somehow found his way between the sticks.

We might have got away with him over a couple of games but the idea of him still being in the mix to start this month is a serious worry and it’s hardly any wonder the team suffered a crisis of confidence.

The lads would have known what to expect when they saw him on the training ground and the worries will have been there for some time and it really is showing.

There can be no question when that happens results are going to be affected – the back four and Roberto seem to have little in common and the defenders clearly have little faith in him!

After Burnley’s performance that can only got worse and I thought the manager should’ve put Alvin’s son Dave Martin between the posts against Spurs.

We know he had a bad game in a Cup match on television but before that he had performed impeccably and has to be a better bet than the Spanish lad.

It would have been unfair on Roberto himself and the team to keep playing him and there has to be a change. It’s was quite clear to me as a former keeper the bloke needed to drop to the bench at Chelsea.

These are worrying times and things needws to change – the goalkeeping situation had to be addressed right then. End of.

I can’t remember a team collapsing into such form as we saw earlier this season – it’s alarming but I don’t agree with those who are calling for Manuel Pellegrini’s head.

I agreed with the appointment and it was too early to be giving the sort of mauling he was getting on social media  – which is really the problem these days.

Managers got a far better deal in my day when that stuff wasn’t being spouted all over the place.

He’s a top manager and there’s no doubt in my mind that he will sort it out so long as the players get their acts together.

Make no mistake, if they are out of form and incapable of what the manager demands, there’s not a lot the boss can do about it. The players need to get together and sort it out as they did in my day!

It happened in teams under John Lyall and back then I had a back four of Ray Stewart, Alvin Martin, Bonzo and Frank. The problem was ours and we had to sort out so that’s what needs to happen now.

There’s a huge confidence crisis and that leads to mistakes on the pitch but these are good players who are going through a lousy spell of games but they will bounce back make no mistake.

They are good players but they really do need to take responsibility and stop hiding behind ‘it’s the manager’s fault’ excuses.

They are highly-paid professionals, they go out with their instructions and know exactly how the boss wants them to play. It’s down to them. So for now we need to get off the manager’s back.  This is no time for panic, this is no time for the club to sack anybody.

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