David Gold claims ‘best of intentions’ over Champions League pledge

The co-chairman speaks about the 'seven year plan' and admits the wrong words were used

West Ham co-chairman David Gold has admitted that the owners may have been a little hasty to mention Champions League football when they took over at Upton Park almost 10 years ago.

Upon arrival, his business partner David Sullivan spoke of taking the Hammers to the European competition with their ‘seven-year plan’, which would involve spending ‘lots of money’ and also moving West Ham from Upton Park to the Olympic Stadium.

Speaking to Blowing Bubbles this month, Gold admitted they should have been more cautious, stating: ‘What we should’ve said was that in seven years we were hoping to be knocking on the door instead of saying we will be in the Champions League places.

‘I’ve certainly learnt a lot from the things that we’ve said but you’ve got to understand we said things like that with the very best of intentions based on the knowledge that we had at the time that we could make it happen.’

So far in their time at the top, West Ham’s highest finishing position was 7th in the 2015/16 season and the club has qualified for the Europa League twice.

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