David Gold: ‘This is our stadium, this is our future, and this is our opportunity’

After 10 years at the club, Gold can't hide his pride at securing a stadium move for the Hammers

David Gold has revealed what has been the best thing to have happened during his 10 years at the helm at West Ham alongside David Sullivan.

In an interview with Blowing Bubbles, the co-chairman couldn’t hide his pride at securing a stadium move for the club.

When asked what his favourite moment was, he replied: ‘The move to the Olympic Stadium — without a shadow of a doubt.’

‘Despite the anger from some fans, I will never alter my stance on this. I knew back in 2010 that this football club had more chance of competing with our rivals, particularly our rivals in London –  Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs – by moving to the Olympic Stadium.

‘We were miles behind them in terms of stadia but now I think we’ve shown glimpses of having a platform to springboard to seriously challenge our London rivals, thanks to our fantastic fanbase.

‘Is the stadium perfect? No, it’s not. Why? Because the people building the Olympic Stadium had a firm belief that football would never be played there and that it must always remain an athletics stadium.

‘From where we sit, there’s like 20 yards that the stadium could have been brought forward had the hop, skip and jump been placed on the other side. How many people really watch hop, skip and jump? Seriously?

‘This left us with a legacy of that gap from the first row of seats to the pitch on that side.

‘But that aside, we’ve got to come to the realisation — and I think many, many fans have — that this is our stadium, this is our future, and this is our opportunity. We are certainly not burdened with a billion pound debt either.

‘What I hope we can do in the future is negotiate to ensure the stadium is only used for football and perhaps sports like baseball and American football but not athletics. We’ve got to be realistic, from a financial point of view, that it doesn’t make sense to continue having athletics at this stadium.’

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