David Gold reveals regrets over stadium seating

Hammers co-owner is sorry he spoke too soon about closeness to the pitch

West Ham chairman David Gold has admitted that one of his biggest regrets in his time in East London is speaking about the seating situation at London Stadium before it was a certainty.

Speaking to Blowing Bubbles, Gold said that several factors have prevented the seating being as close to the pitch as he’d like, but that there are positive things happening to make it feel more like home.

When asked what he would have done differently in the past decade, he said: ‘I wish I’d kept my mouth shut more. I regret saying that the seats would be “this” close to the pitch and then that didn’t happen.

‘It didn’t happen because of the roof. We’ve got the largest free-supporting roof structure in Europe but to get it over another 30 rows of seats would have cost untold millions and they just couldn’t do it.

‘We understood this and we had to adjust our expectations accordingly and that meant we were going to be further away from the pitch on the west side.

‘But we will be able to bring the seats in at the goal ends, that’s going to happen and remember we are still only in our fourth season at our new home.

‘Every month, you walk into the stadium and there’s another thing done. If someone hadn’t visited the stadium for a season or maybe a couple of years, they would see a big change to how it once was.’

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