‘I liked Zola very much’. David Gold looks back at Gianfranco’s reign.

The co-owner says that the threat of relegation meant he had to go

QPR vs West Ham United Barclays Premier League 01/10/2012 West Ham owner David Gold.

Former West Ham manager Gianfranco Zola made a positive impact on chairman David Gold, who says that he liked having the Italian at the club.

However, Gold admits that there were a couple of reasons the co-owners had to part ways with Zola in 2010.

Speaking to Blowing Bubbles, he said: ‘It’s difficult to summarise each manager when I could write a story on each of them.

‘Zola was great but his assistant, Steve Clarke, I couldn’t work with him. He wasn’t a good fit for West Ham. The relationship between him and us wasn’t sustainable but I liked Zola very much. He was a proper footballing person.

‘But we decided to let him go because we needed to change it to avoid being relegated the next season…’

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