David Gold looks back on Bilic, Payet and Upton Park

'...things went wrong for Bilic when we lost Payet.'

Reminiscing about spending ten years at the top of West Ham’s board has brought back some fond memories for David Gold.

One time he looks back on particularly fondly is Slaven Bilic’s time in charge of West Ham, the last season at Upton Park.

Smiling about that season, David Gold has told Blowing Bubbles: ‘A lot of things went our way that season. Being the last season at Upton Park, I really wanted us to win our last match and we did — what an evening to remember that was.

‘We ended up finishing seventh — our highest position for many, many years. We had a superstar in Payet and we were playing wonderful football. Yes if VAR had been about that season, we could have won at Old Trafford and got to the FA Cup semi final but I don’t think anyone could have asked for more unless they were being greedy.

‘That season was absolutely amazing and it sent us off to a new adventure — an adventure that no other club in England has done by moving into the Olympic Stadium.

‘But then things went wrong for Bilic when we lost Payet. I remember him being drained by his efforts to try and keep him.

‘Bilic did everything he could to keep Payet. He pleaded, he offered new contracts, bonuses, all kinds of things but he couldn’t win because all Payet had in his mind was getting back to his wife and his children.’

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