David Gold on David Moyes: ‘He was very easy to work with’

Hammers co-owner David Gold has revealed how he believed that David Moyes could have been a West Ham manager for a lot longer, if the circumstances had been different.

Speaking to Blowing Bubbles, Gold admits that Moyes did the job he was asked to do, but they felt they needed someone else to move the club upwards.

He told us: ‘Moyes was the perfect manager for that moment in time. I liked him and I had high regard for him. He took over a damaged ship and had so little time – half a season, made one purchase, which was a complete failure, but he was very easy to work with.

‘His mandate was to keep us up which he did. But by this time, we’d arrived at the moment where we had built up some reserves and we had an aspiration and a desire to push the club forward. In order to achieve this we felt we needed a world class manager and we just felt it was the Pellegrini magic that was needed at our football club.

‘Certainly, I believe, at a different time in our history, David Moyes could have been West Ham manager for many years.’

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