What does Karren Brady do to justify her humongous salary?

Just what are West Ham getting for their money?

When David Sullivan and David Gold took over West Ham in 2010 they proudly revealed they were paying Karren Brady out of their own pockets for the first six months.

According to the latest set of financial accounts she’s now on a mind boggling £1.136 million a year from the club putting her among the very top earners in the game.

Interestingly, according to the financial reports of other clubs – published last year – Leicester City’s CEO Susan Whelan is earning £308,000. Pretty obvious who is getting value for money eh?

The West Ham 2011 accounts show our Vice Chairman was paid £256,000 by the club for the first time.

That package increased to £427,000 in 2012 and then hiked up to a massive £1.634m in 2013 of which £1m was a bonus paid over five years for winning the bid to move to the London Stadium.

In 2014 her basic rose by just £2,000 to £636,000 rising by a further £10,000 to £646,000 in 2015.

Then 2016 saw another bid rise to £907,000 before a slight decrease in 2017 to £868,000.

The following year (2018) was another bumper year with a base salary of £898,000 plus a consultant fee of £438,000 paid to a company controlled by Brady for introducing Tripp Smith as an investor making her annual total £1.336m.

In the accounts released for 2019 her pay is seen to rise from £898,000 to £1.136m, a rise of 27 per cent on last year. That adds up to a cool £7.85m over eight years. But what actually does she do?

Whilst all of that was going on Leicester City’s chief executive officer Susan Whelan saw her salary rise from the 200,000s to £308,000 in May of last year.

Again I ask: What does she do? Since she completed the little mission that saw us ripped out of our spiritual home there is not a lot as far as I can see. I’m assured she is not involved in anything to do with the football side of things these days but does have rather a lot to say with our media department.

Ah, the media department – now that’s another column in itself but the money she’s being paid is beyond hideous. Look at the way Leicester’s business has been sorted by Ms Whelan on a wage of nearly a quarter of Brady’s and the enormity of what’s going on truly starts to dawn.

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