Phil Parkes: Southampton have shown us how to turn it around

Things looked just as bleak for the Saints as they do for us but they sorted themselves out

It’s crazy to think we are in this position when at one stage this season we were one win away from being third and now we’re in the bottom three.

All the fans are shellshocked but the team don’t seem to have any togetherness. Against Brighton we were 2-0 up and then 3-1 up and we were cruising and playing well.

But then we let them back in the game. Yes, the first goal was unfortunate but had that not happened and we’d kept a clean sheet until 15 minutes to go, the game would have ended differently.

I thought that Moyes coming in would give us a lift and it seemed to for that first game against Bournemouth but since then everything has gone against us.

We’ve got so many tough games coming up that I’m struggling to see where it is that we are going to turn things around.

Brighton was a must-win game for us. Sure we’ve still got Villa, Norwich and Newcastle to play and these are games we should be looking to get maximum points from but I can’t see where our next win is going to come from before these games.

To go two goals up in a game where you’ve conceded and then scored straight away, everyone needs to make sure their first goal is not repeated and you don’t give anything away.

The opposition needs to come to you so you work hard defensively – not drop back – and let them come at you and then hit them on the break.

The longer the game goes on, the more desperate they will get and then more chance you’ll have to finishing them off.

But not for the first time, we just let Brighton back into the game. Other teams don’t do this to us.

If we are chasing a game, other teams make it so hard for us to create anything and don’t make mistakes – why can’t we do the same?

This is why I didn’t go into management because as soon as your players cross that white line and go out onto the pitch, you just don’t know what is going to happen. You, as a manger, have no control over it really.

I went through the fixtures the other day and I know we tend to perform better against the better sides and don’t do so well against lesser sides but if we are going to survive we must get wins against those around us.

After the Brighton game, we had 16 points left to get to 40 points, the total usually enough to ensure survival. That’s five wins and a draw and right now, I can’t see where these are coming from.

But I am optimistic. I do think that there are three worst teams than us in this division and maybe that will be proven right.

I think Norwich are probably too far adrift but Watford have had a good run and look confident. I can see they have momentum and could pull themselves clear.

The positives from the last month have been the two new signings. Tomáš Souček had a good game against Brighton and looks a decent player, and Jarrod Bowen has scored a lot of goals over the past couple of seasons even if it was in the Championship.

You only need to look at Southampton for inspiration. They were struggling like mad but they had a run where they got good results and they dragged themselves out of trouble.

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