The Southampton win has given us reason to believe once more

What a difference a week makes. The week following our Man City defeat where we attempted to park the bus and failed miserably, I was not looking forward to our visit of Anfield.

I even went onto Liverpool’s Radio City to urge the Reds to agree to a 1-0 victory so we could all avoid watching 90 minutes of what I felt would be a dull, one-sided game with an inevitable result. I was also fearful that the game could heavily inflict our goal difference, which can be worth a point in itself.

But from a week of despair and also worrying about the Southampton game, we put in a performance of real heart and character at Anfield and followed it up with a result against Southampton that will give our squad real hope and a platform to kick on from. We’ve got Wolves, Spurs and Chelsea coming up and while history suggests we may struggle to get points, current form suggests we might have a shot at picking up at least a win from one of these games.

Two wins wouldn’t be out of the question but right now, I’d take three draws. At this stage of the season, momentum is so important and if we can get an unbeaten run going, it could have a huge influence on our run-in.

I was hugely impressed with the support at Anfield and for our Southampton game. Those who protested made their point but gave the side their full vocal backing. It’s a two-way street. If the players show heart and put in a performance worthy of the shirt, we will back them to the hills.

But if they aren’t up for it – why should we do anything other than get on their back? Let’s hope the players give us more to shout about in the weeks to come.

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