Phil Parkes: Fabianski has enough credit to be forgiven

It was so unfortunate that Lukasz Fabianski made those mistakes at Anfield last month.

The second one was the biggest mistake. Yes, he could have done better with the first and third but the second not only shouldn’t have happened, it let Liverpool back into the game. I feel for him. I really do. He has been one of our most reliable players over the past couple of seasons.

With him having had two injuries this season, you don’t know exactly how he is feeling and what’s going on in his head but you wouldn’t think he would be lacking in confidence. Even the first goal for Brighton was an uncharacteristic mistake for him.

But these mistakes have happened at important moments that have ultimately cost us points – arguably at least three. But it could have been more. We may have been able to see the game out at Anfield and come away with all three points. 

Hopefully he will get back on track. For me, he doesn’t have to say sorry to the fans or to his teammates because we know that he knows he made a mistake.  But it is good that he has owned up to it. The players know he has saved them a lot over the past couple of seasons but it doesn’t do any harm for him to admit it.

You can get players who make a mistake and just shrug their shoulders and it makes you wonder if they even care but at least him saying what he has proves that he does care. What I can’t understand with how we performed against Liverpool is why we can’t do that every week.

We’ve got to take the game to teams – we are not good enough to sit back, soak up the pressure and hit the opposition on the break.

Teams like Liverpool and many of the teams we have got left to play this season like to dictate the play so if you can play with high intensity, don’t give them a lot of room and put them under pressure, you can unsettle them.

We have got some tough games coming up but we’ve also got plenty of winnable games that if we play at the same level as we did at Liverpool and get results, then we can pull ourselves out of this mess. But if we don’t go out there with the same attitude, we are going to struggle.

Now that we are heading to the end of the season, the pressure is going to be stepped up game by game because the games are running out and we need points. But we just need one result to go our way and things will turn around.

Maybe the Liverpool performance was the turning point for the players. Maybe it’s given them belief that they can perform to that level. We also need a bit of luck. Fabianski was all out of luck at Anfield but let’s hope we get some in our games in March and April.

I did see a few people online say that Fabianski should be dropped and Darren Randolph should replace him. Look, he’s had a bad game and being a goalkeeper means your mistakes are more costly. But he should be our number one for the rest of the season. No question.

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