How should the 2019/20 season be concluded?

Some think that voiding the season is the way to go, but there are other ways to sort things out

It is obvious to me – as I’m sure it is to almost all of us – that there are more important things than what should happen with the lost season of football that we are all facing. 

That said, the realities of one football season hinge on the previous season and as such something has to be done. Most people seem to think that voiding the season is the way to go. This would be a boon to most of the clubs, including West Ham, in a relegation battle and it would be absolutely crushing for Liverpool, who have run roughshod over the league and for a while looked like they may be invincible. 

To have the season voided and the title stolen from them would be crushing to that club and its supporters alike. This is where I should probably come in with a bit of a confession. While I have always been a supporter of West Ham, I am alone in my family in that regard. 

My Grandfather, who passed many years ago, I have learned was a supporter of Celtic and more recently, my Uncle has been a diehard Liverpool supporter for most of his adult life, though I only learned of it when he saw my West Ham flag hanging in a picture. If only because of how close I am with my Uncle I must confess that Liverpool’s form had been a welcome distraction to me during the disaster that has been the season West Ham has produced. 

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The more objective thought process I have had thankfully agrees with the sentimental side of me. I don’t think the season should be voided and due to logistics, I do not think it should be continued at the risk of delaying the next season, or rushing to the start without an ample break for players. 

My conclusion is that not just for the Premier League but for all leagues that have stopped playing, the correct choice is surely to have the season end now. Declare Liverpool champions and make sure they get to make a big to-do out of it when things get back to normal.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that doing so would see West Ham safely out of the relegation zone does it?  Of course, it is not overly fair to have the relegation battle ended so arbitrarily, especially with so much money at stake for the clubs in question.

So what do we do about this? Here is my proposal: 

  • Leeds United are automatically promoted, a club that was once one of the titans of Europe only to all on hard times finally makes its way back to the top division. 
  • Norwich are relegated but with an extra bit of money to soften the blow. 
  • Bournemouth, Aston Villa, West Brom, and Fulham play a round robin with the top team and the bottom team going to the appropriate league. 
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The second and third place club of those four play one another for the final Premier League spot of the new season. This would require 4four games to be played, all of which could effectively be pre-season games for those clubs, albeit with major consequences. 

To ease the financial burden on all of these clubs money is somehow allocated to the clubs who went to or stayed in the Championship. This is certainly an unorthodox way of handling the end of this season, but what about this situation screams normalcy? 

From my perspective this is the fairest solution to a problem that could quickly become either a logistical nightmare or incredibly unfair to a number of teams. The best part of it? West Ham lives to fight another day and we can all put this catastrophic season behind us. 

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