Affordable football questioned as fans bemoan broken promises

The club rank near the bottom in a number of categories despite the 2016 move

There have been numerous surveys conducted over the past few months which have been pretty damning and it is clear that there is currently an anti-board protest campaign being effectively run which means that anything related to Sullivan and Gold brings out a huge amount of criticism. 

A recent poll conducted by an online site was completely damning in relation to amongst other things the control of the club and the move to the London stadium. 

But a comparison between one year’s poll and another shows that the response rate had more than doubled and questions could be asked as to was this simply the unhappy masses being organised to vote. 

With a poll of just over 11,000 this year it still seems that there are many that chose not to vote, the silent minority. But there was one other poll published recently that was a little more independent and that was the football stadium index.

The football stadium index is just that, it is based purely on the stadium itself and no other criteria. The index utilises such things as Google ratings and trip advisor reviews. 

There are some similarities with other published polls which includes the price of a pie and a pint, stadium tickets and stadium tours. Each area can obtain a maximum score of 10 and then the score is averaged out to get a final rating. So how did the London Stadium do?

Let’s start with Trip Adviser and here the stadium actually received a respectable score of 6.79. The only problem is that only three grounds, Stamford Bridge, Turf Moor and Selhurst Park got worse reviews. 

Still let’s look at the bright side at least we were not in the bottom three, although there’s no virtual relegation here.

Next up is one of the important elements that was sold to us by the board at the time of the move and that is the ease of access and egress to the stadium itself. After all, we were told that the Boleyn Ground was a nightmare to visit. 

A respectable 10th position was achieved here, not exactly great considering the promises but not a disaster. I guess the closure of routes to the shopping centre and the stop and go signs were a major contributor to this mediocre showing.

Moving to one of those constant promises we are always reminded of – affordable football. Surely after the boast by our board we must rate highly in this category? Think again! Only Spurs, Arsenal and Chelsea achieved a worse score.

There has to be some good news soon I hear you ask – well for stadium tours the London Stadium rank as one of the best. Thank goodness they didn’t survey value for money for being mascots otherwise I have a feeling that this score might have been severely damaged.

There was one other category that earned further scoring and that was value for money for food and beverages. Now those of us who attend games at the London Stadium will not be holding our breath on the results from this one. 

At least we were not bottom for value for money on the pies, Stamford Bridge have that dubious award, but as for a pint we excelled ourselves by finishing joint bottom, along with Arsenal and Chelsea, for value for money.

So where did this leave us in the whole scheme of things? Well, here’s the good news, we didn’t finish bottom, that accolade goes to Stamford Bridge but with a score of 4.26 out of 10, a 19th place finish is not exactly something to be proud of. 

This coupled with other online West Ham specific polls which included such questions primarily around the move from the Boleyn to the London Stadium is not great reading for our board and must be another nail in their already damaged ownership of our beloved club. 

As for who came top, look no further than the Molineux Stadium which came out on top on many of the categories already mentioned. I guess those Wolves fans don’t know they are born. 

Let’s also spare a thought for the fans of that other team in claret and blue, Burnley. Those of us who have visited Turf Moor may have had a mixed experience what with poor sight lines and uncomfortable wooded seats but it has the cheapest pie and pint so it’s not all bad. 

I am determined to end on a positive so here it is – We are on the up as when this survey was completed the previous year we were rock bottom. Small mercies!

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