Phil Parkes: Fabianski will help but Moyes must get the best out of Haller this season

Hopefully Fabianski will get back to the form he'd achieved before his injury

No new signings, players leaving but we’ve still got a strong squad, without a doubt.

I feel like we’re in the same position as we were at the start of last season – and don’t forget we were doing well until the wheels came off after that League Cup defeat at Oxford!

We’ve got problems at left and right back that we’ve not been able to resolve and I think these are our weak links.

But everywhere else we seem strong and hopefully Fabianski will get back to the form.

It’s all about application, desire and passion for the cause. Compared to previous seasons, it’s not a bad start.

Newcastle at home is a good fixture for us to start. They flattered to deceive a bit after coming back at the restart and doing well to begin with.

Today I do look at our upcoming fixtures and work out how we can navigate those games but when I was a player, I often didn’t know who we were playing the following week such was my laid back approach.

I know people who do like to study the fixtures to see where we can get results from but this isn’t something players should get sucked into to.

They need to take each game as it comes and try to win every game and give 100 per cent.

You’ve still got to be optimistic and you have every right to be because we have got good players.

I looked at teams after the restart – like Norwich – and you just couldn’t see them winning a game or picking up points but I didn’t see that with us.

I do get frustrated – like every West Ham fan does – when we underachieve but this is a new season,  a clean slate. We need to go out there and start as we mean to carry on.

This is still going to be an unusual situation with no spectators in the stadium.

And I think with the spikes we’ve seen in certain areas of the country, I think it could still be a while before we see anything like a good number of fans attending a game.

I’ve said before but the atmosphere without a crowd just doesn’t exist and just having a few thousand in is not going to create any atmosphere – especially in a stadium that holds 60,000.

Once the crowd got behind you at Upton Park, the noise went through you, it surrounded you, and it gave you a massive boost.

It’s going to be interesting to see how Moyes handles Haller and Antonio. If Haller gets the nod, you have to find a place for Antonio in the side. 

His work rate and effort is superb. If you had 11 players putting in the same effort, as a manager you would think you’ve got it made.

I’m not a huge fan of playing just one up top. When you’re up top on your own, it doesn’t matter how good you are, it’s tough.

Allardyce played that system so many time – even at home. I think we should be attacking teams and letting them worry about us, and not us worrying about them.

Why not put Antonio and Haller up top together. Could you imagine the problems they would cause?

I don’t know enough about Moyes to know whether or not he is cautious. Tony Pulis was a manager who was ultra negative. 

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