West Ham up and running after opening night nerves

I did not see those results coming against Wolves and Leicester - both were pleasant surprises.

When I looked at our first four games against Newcastle, Arsenal, Wolves and Leicester, I had us down to pick up three or four points but I didn’t really expect the six points – and the performances – from our last two games.

I felt our best chance of picking up points would have been at home to Newcastle but we were poor that evening and were deservedly beaten. 

Then we put in a decent performance against Arsenal and were unlucky not to have taken something away from the Emirates. The Gunners weren’t great and I think other teams may have punished them.

But I did not see that result coming against Wolves and Leicester – both were pleasant surprises.

What I enjoyed most about both victories is that even when one and two up, we were still looking to create chances and score goals.

We didn’t sit on a one nil lead. I think it’s important we continue to do this throughout the rest of the season.

Even Haller’s late goal against Wolves – now it’s too early in the season to be thinking about a relegation battle – but that fourth goal could be vital.

The games were set up for us nicely with both Wolves and Leicester not playing as well as they can and us doing really well in nullifying their threats.

It was just a shame that we didn’t play the same side against Everton. Sure the Toffees have had a great start but if we’d taken the momentum from the Wolves game, anything could’ve happened

I really don’t think we are at the stage where we can keep swapping players in and out.

Keeping Rice was huge

What was interesting about the games against Hull, Wolves, Everton and Leicester is that David Moyes wasn’t present.

It got me thinking about any games I played for West Ham without a manager there and I think it was perhaps one or two games when Lou Macari was manager.

But I can’t really remember it feeling strange not having him there – and to be honest, I can’t recall the games so it wasn’t that memorable.

Whilst Moyes wasn’t there on the touchline, you could see he was on the phone to Stuart Pearce for the whole of the Wolves game so he wasn’t completely away from the squad.

While Moyes was absent, one person very much present in the heart of our team has been Declan Rice.

It was important that he stayed. Not just because of him as a player but what message his transfer would send to the squad.

It’s bigger picture stuff that meant it was vital he had to stay – It’s not even worth thinking about him going. 

I’m not saying that he couldn’t be replaced but it’s what his transfer would represent.

And from his point of view, he wants to be getting regular football. Will he get that at Chelsea? I’m not so sure

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