When you’re digging a hole it is wise to stop digging, Mr Sullivan

The Hammers owner doesn't seem to know when to keep his mouth shut

It is fair to say that I am not the biggest fan of David Sullivan. I’m sure the feeling is mutual.  

He’s not my biggest fan either. My biggest fan is Bill Smith from Leytonstone, he is 6ft 9ins and 25 stone.

I say it was “with interest” that I saw Sullivan had been on the radio being interviewed by his buddy Jim White on Talksport, it was more with a rolling of the eyes and waiting for Twitter to go into meltdown as our illustrious chairman once again puts foot in mouth all the way down to the knee.

He told us that we offered to pay for COVID-19 tests for Hull City before the game but they were declined. If that was the case, I think more should have been made of this.

Why on earth would they decline? If they did decline, why on earth would we risk our playing staff? 

I have tweeted Hull City on this to confirm or deny. It doesn’t make any sense, just like most of the words that tumble out of Sullivan’s mouth.

Those words that can be strung together into a coherent sentence usually blame someone else for whatever is going on, and wring hands of any responsibility. 

To say that beating Hull is now going to cost us £50,000 in transport costs is an insult to the fans who would have gladly walked barefoot to the game against Everton if they were allowed inside.

Would he rather we’d lost to Hull then? It may have changed due to the pandemic but last season the prize money for getting to the last eight was £25,000 — so that will help, Dave. 

You just have to win the tie. Unfortunately, Everton surprised us by playing their first team. 

At 2-1 we could have put on more first-team players and competed but I expect Dave was concerned about drawing Newcastle away in the next round.

The dream we were sold of moving to a bigger stadium and all the money that would generate through higher attendances just doesn’t stack up — now that the TV money is so huge, several chairmen have been heard to say that they could survive on TV money alone. 

I think many would prefer it. As we have to pass on a percentage of all the food and drink revenue inside the curtilage of the stadium there is, to me, an indication that life without fans in the stadium might just be preferable for GSB.

Sullivan goes on to say, not for the first time, that it is the manager’s choice who we buy and he hasn’t been advised of any targets. 

He warns of the dangers of spending the entire budget on a single player. Well yes, buying one James Tarkowski would be dangerous — but buying four Jordan Hugills would be even more dangerous. 

It’s the manager’s decision. He claims never to get involved, the only time he did was for Fabianski and Diop. Who turned out to be quite good.

If it’s not the manager, it’s the fans. The fans wanted a high profile manager and a Director of Football. 

He says he gave us that and it didn’t work out. So it’s OUR fault Dave? 

We still want a high profile manager and a Director of Football — just better ones. We didn’t want to move — was Sullivan listening then? 

It seems to me that when it suits them, the board is listening to the fans, when it suits them, they made the decisions.

If Allardyce is to be believed — and in my experience he isn’t — Sullivan would drop players into the squad and call them ‘gifts’. 

Tell me our transfer policy is not agent-driven Dave, tell me that Moyes gets to pick who he wants you to buy, tell me that you don’t then pursue those players with derisory offers that increase 50p at a time until a grown-up steps in and pays what they are worth.

Sullivan and Gold might have been credible football club owners when they bought Birmingham City (though Blues fans would argue they never were) but in the modern era they are seriously out of their depth.

Either the manager picks who he wants and the board go and buy them, or the board pick the players offered by agents and they appoint a coach to work with them. 

They simply cannot take credit for good players and blame the manager for bad ones. This undermining of the staff has to stop. 

To say Diangana had to be sold because we had too many wingers cuts no ice with me. If we have a lot of wingers, why not sell one of the rubbish ones.

Why? Because the loss on Anderson if sold for £20m would be unpalatable. They would rather save face and watch him struggle and let his contract run out while a hungry young lad gets sold to fund the purchase of exactly nobody. 

Vladimir Coufal joining at £5m appears to be shrewd business with Ryan Fredericks so fragile he makes Kieron Dyer look like Scott Parker. We will have to wait and see if he’s any good before we know who picked him.

To end on a bright note — Sullivan did at least acknowledge that Snodgrass is a decent player.

I suppose it’s no surprise that a man who made his fortune selling mucky books would not care too much what people think of him, but surely things have to change soon.

Please Dave — when you are in a hole, stop digging. Or better still, sell up.

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