You can’t argue with the call to give up on Wilshere after his injury record

He's a good player but was just too injury prone.

I can understand why the club wanted to get Jack Wilshere off their books.

He’s a good player but was just too injury prone. He joins the list of players who never truly fulfilled their potential.

He could’ve been better than he was and he should’ve achieved so much more in the game.

It was all well and good him saying that he was fit and ready, but clearly there wasn’t the trust there that he’d start a game and come off after 15 minutes with an injury.

It looks like it was the case of West Ham cutting their losses.

We took a chance with him with all the injuries he had, but I must admit I’m far more sorry to see him go than Anderson

He knows he is a good player but he’s a luxury player. He’s got to be playing in a certain side that if he turns it on, it’s a bonus and can win you games but if he doesn’t, the other 10 players can carry him.

We can’t afford to carry players at the moment.

What we do appear to have is 11 players who are willing to put in the effort and hard-work to get results.

Players like Michail Antonio who I saw interviewed on Match of The Day after the Leicester game and he was saying how much the players were enjoying their football and playing good, attacking football.

It’s great that we took the game to Wolves and Leicester. You only need to look at Liverpool and Man United’s results to dispel myths that teams are unbeatable.

While the wins against Wolves and Leicester were great, I was disappointed between those two brilliant wins, we were dumped out of the League Cup at Everton.

Had we beaten Everton, we’d be in the last eight and that’s when the final really comes into focus.

The fans have waited a long time to do well in a cup. It’s coming up to 15 years since we were last in a final.

The cups just don’t take priority anymore – we’re more worried about staying in the Premier League.

But as we travelled up to Liverpool to play Everton, there was such a long way to go in the season. I don’t see why we couldn’t have had a go at the League Cup.

Everton are having a great season so far and it would’ve been tough even with the players who’d put Wolves to the sword a few days earlier but you just never know. Anyway, it’s gone now.

The one thing to come away from our games against Wolves and Leicester is that the players would have gained so much confidence and belief from these wins because of the way we played.

You can scrape a couple of 1-0 wins and not play well but that’s not going to have the same impact on confidence, belief and momentum as our wins against Wolves and Leicester have had.

The win at Leicester was particularly good as they were buzzing and on fire before our game but we just didn’t look like losing.

Momentum is such an important factor. I remember when I was playing and we were in the old second division, we went out with such belief that we wouldn’t get beaten.

When you have that belief, even if you go a goal down, you don’t panic and just keep going.

I think right now, if we go a goal behind against Spurs or Man City or Liverpool, we’re not going to be pressing the panic button.

But there were games last season where if we went a goal down, it was game over. We might as well have come off the pitch. 

I don’t want us to return to those days.

I’m looking forward to the rest of our games this month and I hope we go into them with a positive attitude and take the game to them.

Spurs have been playing well too so it should be a really good game. I just hope we don’t sit back and show them too much respect.

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