George Parris: Coufal looks like another quality buy from Prague

It’s been great to see Vladimir Coufal really hit the ground running. 

With the price we paid for him, if he continues his early form, it will be seen as a bargain buy.

He seems to be a player that will give you everything week in, week out and never give up. But it’s interesting comparing him on the right flank and Arthur Masuaku on the left.

It’s chalk and cheese. Coufal appears to prefer defending and if he can get forward, it’s a bonus. Whereas Masuaku enjoys going forward more.

Coufal’s performances make me wonder what will happen with Ryan Fredericks but my advice to him is to bide his time and wait for his chance to get back in the side. 

One player who has had to wait on the sideline for his chance is Haller – it was just a shame his first real chance to show us what he can do in this Moyes side was away at Liverpool.

I felt sorry for him. You can’t just switch it on. 

Strikers need confidence and game time and at the moment he’s lacking in both.

But the upcoming games will give us a better indication of whether or not he has a future with us.

Overall, I think it’s been a really promising start but our games in November and December will set the tone for our season.

We’ve had a run of games where we have been the underdog but things change when you are suddenly favourites to win because the onus is on you to take the game to the opposition.

You have to applaud Marcus Rashford

Marcus Rashford has been reaching new heights both on and off the pitch.

You have to applaud his campaign for free school meals. I think when it’s something that you’ve been through, it gives you more fight for the cause.

But he’s had to stick with his guns and he’s had to stick his head above the parapet and that takes guts – especially at his age and stage of his career.

He’s got the platform though because of who he plays for and he’s been using it perfectly – there can’t be anyone criticising him.

Footballers certainly do more now than we did in our day but what you see is more about what they say as that’s what sells more papers.

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