The Ex Files: PPV axed as fans vote with their feet and support charity instead

The decision to overturn the controversial pay-per-view matches was made at the start of the month

The decision was made at the start of the month to overturn the controversial pay-per-view matches that appeared this season for the first time. 

The current financial situation for many meant that a lot of people felt it was unfair of Sky and BT Sports to charge even more money then they do for their normal subscriptions by putting any game not shown on these channels as a pay-per-view game at £14.95. 

Many fans, myself included, believe that football has changed so much since the involvement of Sky and BT Sport and do not want to give anymore money to these organisations. 

They could argue that it is significantly less than a match ticket and this is why they priced it at this figure. 

This did not wash with the majority of football fans and low viewing figures were obtained on all of the games. 

Fans opted to donate the £14.95 to charities of their choice with West Ham fans seeming to choose food banks and Isla as the charities they wanted to donate to. 

The lack of uptake meant that the authorities eventually changed their mind and scrapped the system with West Ham only featuring once in the home game against Fulham.

This was a real victory for the fans. It led me to think of times that West Ham fans have let their feelings known on certain issues. 

Of course, throughout the years we have expressed our anger at boards and managers and many of these protests have caused a lot of publicity. 

Less known incidents but also significant were when fans made their feelings known so much when we came to sign Diouf, the former Bolton player, and Joey Barton. 

Due to fan pressure the board changed their minds and decided that they wouldn’t sign them after all.

The refreshing thing to come out of this pay-per-view shambles is that it shows that our voices can be heard and also listened to if everyone works together.

Unfortunately myself and Dave have also been affected by this Coronavirus situation with it stopping our pre-match events. 

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