Fans return is the first glimpse of hope as we look ahead to 2021

It was great to hear them singing Bubbles and urging Rice and Co on with ‘Come on your Irons'.

They came, they saw and while the two thousand West Ham fans inside the London Stadium didn’t witness a famous victory against Manchester United, it was great to hear them singing Bubbles and urging Rice and Co on with ‘Come on your Irons’.

I admit I was dubious about the impact of two thousand people on the atmosphere in a ‘soulless bowl’, but I was pleasantly surprised.

We’ve performed well without fans present but I’m sure the roar of those watching on helped inspire our men to a dominant position against an under-par United side.

And until Paul Pogba beautifully stroked the ball past FabiaÅ„ski just after the hour, we were actually sitting third in the table and we really didn’t look like conceding – let alone losing.

I didn’t realise how much I’d missed hearing a live crowd until I heard the players walk out and Bubbles. It was an extraordinary moment in what’s been an extraordinary year.

I’m keeping everything crossed that I’ll be successful in an upcoming ballot and return to the stadium in the near future.

But I’m now really looking forward to the day that 60,000 fans are allowed back inside the London Stadium – now that will be an atmosphere to saviour.

This month sees the games coming thick and fast. Despite the result against the Red Devils, I was impressed by our performance for long periods of this game.

And I hope by the end of the month we’re able to pick up at least 10 points to see us starting the New Year rapidly closing in on 30 points.

This would surely give us a platform to commit to a decent run in the Cup and look to secure a top half finish.

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