Opposition View: Brighton fans predict a close contest at London Stadium

We talk to a Brighton fan about what they expect from Moyes’ boys

This month, Olivia Elliot catches up with Brighton fan Marcus Dick as we look ahead to playing them in December.

Who would you consider the best player is for West Ham?

I think that Declan Rice is a fantastic player, he reads the game really well and can sniff out danger before it happens. He has a great engine and can pick a pass, would love to see him in a Brighton shirt one day. 

What do you think West Hams strengths and weaknesses are? 

If you’d asked that about a month ago, I would have said that the defence looked a bit weak but then Moyes seems to have sorted that out on the training ground. As for strengths, you have a great manager who is experienced at the top level and knows how to handle pressure, I’m sure he will guide you to bigger and better things as long as the board support him. 

How do you think Brighton will get on this season? 

Initially I thought we would be the surprise package but since the last minute (read Fergie time) winner for Manchester United we had looked a bit frail and unable to take our chances. The signings of Lallana and Welbeck could be the key to our season that’s if they stay fit. I’d be happy if we finish 17th to be honest 

What player for Brighton should opposing teams watch out for? 

That’s an easy one, Tariq Lampety is such an exciting prospect, I can believe we stole him from Chelsea for £3m! He is short in stature but has a huge heart, he’s dynamic, has explosive pace, fast feet and will save even the best defender! I hope we can keep hold of him as Bayern Munich are sniffing around for him now… 

Explain your rivalry with Palace? 

In a nutshell it stems back to the FA cup in 1976, Venables was CPFC manager and we had the godlike Mullery, both played for Spurs but didn’t get on. It boiled over then and has been more than a rivalry ever since. For me personally I like a good rivalry, but I get frustrated when it becomes more than that, banter and songs are great but going back to the ’80s style hooliganism is taking it too far. 

If you stay up this season it will be your longest ever time in the top division, how will you feel?

 It will be an amazing achievement, the board and the manager and the players would deserve full credit, but credit should also go to Chris Hughton for getting us to the Premier league. The biggest thanks should go to the fans that saved the club back in 1997, along with Dick Knight and Martin Perry. Without those stalwarts we wouldn’t have a club to support. 

Glenn Murray – Hero or villain? 

That’s easy, hero. He was forced out of the club when he was exactly what the club needed. His goal record for the Seagulls is right up there and he loves the club, so I won’t hear a bad word against him. 

Do you think Graham Potter has improved your team? 

Chris Hughton did an amazing job to get us to the Premier League and keep us up for 2 years. I was shocked when we sacked him and when an unproven manager was hired. I am not a person who will make a snap decision on a manager and believe they should be given time to get their message over to the players. I think that we play a much better style of football than we did under Chris. Graham has got the team to play a more attacking, exciting style without replacing too many players. I enjoy watching even if the results are not as good as our performances deserve.

What are your score predictions for West Ham vs Brighton? 

It’s a tough one to call… I think we are both similar teams who play great football. It will be close so I’m going to go 1-1 for the game at the London Stadium.

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