Hugh Southon’s Last Word: Noble has been great for West Ham but his time is now over

I am at a loss to understand what role he is even being asked to fulfil by the manager

It’s a very sad day indeed when you need to spell out the obvious concerning a person who has been loyal and true from the start.

It becomes even worse when you need to say it to a Premier League manager who should have seen what every fan can see. Sadly Mark Noble’s day is done.

And if David Moyes chooses to go blindingly down the same route by choosing him for upcoming games then – and this is from a guy who loathes the hatred thrown about on social media as most know – David Moyes will deserve every word of criticism he receives.

The game against Brighton showed as clearly as the one against Palace that Mark Noble has no place in a starting line up and that if it were any other player approaching the end of his contract there would certainly not be a new one on offer.

That is not me attempting to be brutal towards a guy who is more West Ham than any one of us – it’s the simple truth based on performance levels.

His time has come and I am at a loss to understand what role he is even being asked to fulfil by a manager who seems to have developed a total blind spot on the man.

Can anyone out there tell me please? I’m listening.

Against Brighton, Declan was giving him the ball on the vast majority of occasions he called for it and as a result, the play became slower and slower – some distance from the situation when Declan and Tomas call the shots in there.

It’s so hard to say this but if Moyes continues to include a player who clearly can no longer do it he is in danger of bringing an illustrious Hammers career to the most embarrassing of endings.

That really would be a cruel conclusion for a great Hammer. It must not be allowed to happen.

You want to see your heroes passing into the sunset of their career with pride and honour but Mark is taking an unnecessary battering in a social media world as a result of starting games when the legs are gone or going and it’s sad.

We have seen it happen before when a player is at the end of his time from Mooro, Sir Trev, Billy Bonds and our other heroes.

It’s a horrible moment. In the end they make their own D Days and I have no doubt Mark will do so sometime soon but David Moyes can help him by not using him in any starting line-ups.

It’s one of the saddest things one ever has to write but those days really are gone.

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