Opposition View: Burnley fans expecting precious points at London Stadium

We chat to a Burnley fan about their expectations for playing West Ham and the rest of the season.

Burnley picked up 11 valuable points in December but still sit precariously in the bottom half of the table. Olivia Elliot caught up with Burnley fan Tommy Mark, who was feeling confident that their season will improve.

What are West Ham’s strengths & weaknesses?

The counter attacking style of play this season is incredible with the likes of Benrahma, Bowen and Antonio there to shift the play forwards. However, tracking back and working as a unit defensively is relatively poor, that’s the only thing letting them down. 

Who would you consider the best West Ham player is? 

Fabianski doesn’t get the credit he deserves. He pulls off remarkable saves week in week out and is a very underrated Keeper.

How do you think your team will get on this season?

We will finish around mid-table this year. Under Sean Dyche we are more than safe from relegation.

What player for Burnley should opposing teams watch out for?

Brownhill, not many know about him but what a player he is. He can make runs and pick a dangerous pass from anywhere and is a real threat from the clarets. 

Jordan North on I’m a celebrity’s happy place was Turf Moor, is your happy place turf Moor?  

Of course, it is the only place that brings this good old fashioned mill town together! Up the clarets. 

Who do you consider to be your main rivals Bolton or Blackburn?

Blackburn, the hatred is massive to the point we don’t even mix in pubs. We really do hate each other but we still hate Bolton. 

How do think Sean Dyche is handling your season so far? 

Off to a slow start but I think we’ll be okay. The premier league table is all so close but in Dyche we trust.

Can you tell our readers an interesting fact about your team?

We’re the only club that serves Bénédictine. It’s a famous liquor around Burnley and is a popular half time drink called Béné & Hot a combination of Bénédictine and hot water you have to try it.

What are your score predictions for West Ham vs Burnley? 

1-2 to Burnley. 

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