George Parris: Lingard shows promise as he shines bright on debut

It's our bonus and our advantage to have a player of his calibre in our squad.

I know there were some who questioned why we wanted to bring Jesse Lingard in on loan, but for me, he is a class player.

I can understand why he wasn’t getting many games for Man United when you see how they have done this season.

But he needs games and class is permanent. It’s our bonus and our advantage to have a player of his calibre in our squad.

It was a dream debut for him as well. If he’d gone for an afternoon nap and dreamt what he’s debut might have been like, I’m sure he could have imagined anything better.

The main thing for me is that he was getting on the ball. If you are in that position, there’s an understanding you need to want the ball and play forward.

You need to knit everything together and make sure that Antonio isn’t isolate up top, and Lingard did that perfectly.

Sticking with the Villa game, I thought it was a fantastic ploy by Moyes to play Fredericks on the right flank to help Coufal with Grealish.

If we had played well against Liverpool and even won, Moyes might have been tempted to stick with the team.

But it’s a good thing that he is looking at the opposition and their strengths and taking things game-by-game. The move gave us more of a chance to returning to winning ways.

Having said that about Fredericks, Coufal played really well against Grealish.

As a defender, the commandment you live by is ‘Thou Shalt Not Pass’. In my day, there were one or two who took this to the extreme: ‘I didn’t touch him ref’.

There is an art to defending and Coufal is a master.

Reds just a bad day

I am hoping that the Liverpool game was a one-off. It was a good time to play them because in recent years there’s been a feeling of: ‘How many will they score’.

But we didn’t really get at them and I think we should see it as a positive that we were all disappointed with the result against Liverpool. It’s not often we say that.

We have now got a run of games with teams who, on paper, will be tough fixtures for us.

I think it will be a tough game against Man City because of how they have been playing of late and I feel like we will need to dig in a bit up at their place.

The other games, however, I do believe we have a good chance of getting points and this just shows the progress we have made this season.

Against Arsenal, I always fancy we will score against them. We’ve really got to go into these games without trepidation.

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