Phil Parkes: Reid was a great player but too many injuries cost him his place in the end

It’s a shame that it looks like his time is up with us

It was great to see us make Said Benrahma’s move permanent because based on what I’ve seen so far, he looks like a very good prospect.

It was also a positive move because it allowed us to get Jesse Lingard in on loan.

I just feel at the moment that if we can keep hold of the players we have now that we have got a really good squad on our hands.

We’d also have this squad together for a long time judging by the ages of the likes of Benrahma and Soucek.

I’d said in my January column that if we played well in the FA Cup games then it would really help us keep the momentum and confidence, and credit to Moyes, we played two strong sides against Stockport and Doncaster and got through each of these games.

The Stockport game had banana skin written all over it with the weather and the pitch. I played in a game against Torquay where everything was set up for us to lose, and it’s tough to get through these games.

But they did get the job done. I don’t think we were really in any danger of losing that game but it can be difficult to get the first goal.

They then followed it up by playing some great football against Doncaster too, and it was a very professional performance.

Confidence is key and getting through both those games would have boosted our confidence further.

One player who seems to grow in confidence in each game has been Craig Dawson. He’s fitted in so well and has scored some very important goals for us.

Unfortunately this meant this month we saw the departure of Winston Reid on loan to Brentford as he was behind quite a few centre backs.

On his day, he was a great player for West Ham. I had to interview him once and he was a really nice guy, very down to earth and a great servant.

But he had a couple of bad injuries and never really got back to his best. It’s a shame that it looks like his time is up with us, and I wish him the best.

Sticking with centre backs, we signed Denmark U21 international defender Frederik Alves and there does seem to be a lot of this happening with Premier League clubs – adding youngsters to our youth teams from abroad.

We have got really talented youngsters at our club already and  I think we should be placing more importance in promoting the players we have to the first team, than recruiting from abroad and hoping to find the next best thing.

Most of these players signed by Premier League clubs, you never hear about them again and they just disappear.

It’s all well and good them having a great video of them in action from a few games but you never get to see what they are like on a bad game – or on a Friday night at Stockport.

Two players who I feel can cope with anything thrown at them are Coufal and Soucek. Both great signings – Soucek, in particular, with his goals.

As for our new signing, abelit on loan, Jesse Lingard has never been a favourite player of mine. Always seems a bit cocky but there’s never been any doubt about his talent.

Coming to West Ham could be the best thing that could happen to him.

When you are at a club like Manchester United and they are spending millions on new talent, who are you going to leave on the bench when the decision has to be made? The homegrown players.

The players that haven’t cost the club millions, but Lingard has to be playing if he wants to get back into the England squad.

When he was last in the United team, he wasn’t really producing the goods or the goals so now he has a point to prove.

I always look at him and he has a big ego and is full of himself but because he hasn’t been playing and he isn’t happy about it, he wants to prove to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer that he made a mistake so it could work in our favour.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Lingard can do and seeing if we’re able to kick on this month and keep in the fight for the European places.

Everything has been so positive on the pitch at the moment – the only blip coming against Liverpool where I think we went out with the attitude of not losing, rather than trying to go toe-to-toe with them.

We’ve won away at Everton and Villa – long may we continue getting results like this. 

We are really starting to see the best of this squad, the confidence is sky high and they must have a great team spirit at the moment.

They must feel like every time they step out onto the pitch that they are not going to lose. We need to keep this attitude and let other teams continue to worry about us.

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