Hammers ‘food for thought’

By Daniel Bregman

So, we know that potato salad tops the menu for our Czech hero but what would we be likely to find our other first team stars enjoying? 

A little look into the home cultures of some of our first team players has allowed us to present you with a full Hammers menu. 

First and foremost, we have to start with the Canning Town Pirlo. 

No questions asked Mr West Ham’s special is a two pie, two mash combination. This undefeated east end fusion served with gravy or liquor is an absolute no brainer for the skipper. 

Starting off our European tour (unfortunately a food tour, not a footballing one) in Spain we may find Pablo Fornals tucking into some tapas. 

Pablo’s home province of Castellon is famous for its All I Pebre dish, which consists of potato and eel in garlic and pepper. 

Moving throughout Europe, and Angelo Ogbonna’s Italy. Despite the obvious calls for pizza and pasta, Angelo’s birthplace, Frosinone is famous for its Pecorino di Picinisco cheese. 

Coupled with the region’s Ciambella all’anice di Veroli bread, we can only imagine Angelo sitting, arms folded, with a bottle of red wine overlooking his hometown Cassino reliving his famous FA cup goal against Liverpool.  

Looking towards Eastern Europe and travelling worryingly close to our European nemesis, Astra Giurgiu, we are likely to find step-over king Andriy Yarmolenko in Chernihivm, Ukraine.

Here we may find him indulging in some Paska, also known as Easter bread, which is often given to guests in the Ukraine. 

According to tradition, when making the bread, the cook should whisper positive thoughts to achieve the best tasting bread. 

Lastly, we move into Africa where we may find new boy Said Benrahma feasting on a European favourite, Couscous. 

All in all, it looks quite an appetising menu. My order would be easy, the Mark Noble special with a side of some Czech potato salad. 

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