George Parris: Moyes must get the credit for the success we’ve had

He's got his team selection and formation spot on most weeks

David Moyes (West Ham manager) at the EPL match West Ham United v Burnley, at the London Stadium, London, UK on 16th January, 2021. English Premier League matches are still being played behind closed doors because of the current COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, and government social distancing/lockdown restrictions.

There has been talk about us qualifying for the Champions League and that’s understandable because of the position we’re in, and our performances of late.

We should take it as a compliment that other people are talking us up and discussing our chances.

But I’m not convinced that we will be in the top four come the end of the season with the other sides around us. If we can, however, secure a top six place that would be great.

We have given ourselves a great opportunity with the points we have already, and we’ve got some games coming up where we might be able to get a run going.

The players just need to carry on doing the same things we have been doing throughout the season, and hopefully the lucky breaks will continue to go our way.

This positive season has drawn comparisons to 2015/16 – the final at the Boleyn – where we finished seventh.

Personally, I think we have a better team and squad compared to that of five years ago. 

When we have had injuries this season, people have come in and filled the gap well. 

That’s been a huge boost in that we’ve not always hugely missed the injured player because the people coming in have hit the ground running.

We’ve also got a manager in David Moyes who has been quite open minded in his team selections and formation changes this season.

This season he has looked at the players he has available and also the players we are playing against and on the whole, he’s got his team selection and formation spot on most weeks.

Sometimes it just fails

I’ve seen that Sebastien Haller has been scoring goals and clocking up assists for his new club Ajax.

I don’t think his talent has ever been in doubt. We obviously saw something in him to pay that sort of money in the first place.

Was it that we didn’t change to accommodate his style, or was it that he didn’t change to suit ours? I think it’s probably a bit of both.

It is very hard to come over from another country. It’s not just on the pitch where you need to adjust but everything off it too.

Maybe we could’ve done more to accommodate him and played the formation that he thrives in.

But I think it’s worked out well for both parties. He has gone to a club where he feels comfortable now.

And whilst we lost money on him, the team have been able to carry on performing well and getting results without him so maybe it was best for both parties to go our separate ways.

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