Opposition View: Arsenal gunning for points to keep up with the rest

Arsenal definitely have four exciting players that teams need to watch out for

It’s West Ham that are ahead of their London rivals this season. But Arsenal fan Chelsey Logan told Olivia Elliott why the rest of the season is looking good for the Gunners, who are feeling confident this weekend.

Who would you consider the best player is for West Ham?

For me it is Declan Rice, I know a lot of people write him off however his ability to read the game is amazing and the stats speak for themselves. He has really stepped up to the leadership role on the pitch and his passion for the club reminds of a young Mark Noble. If West Ham can keep hold of him then he will certainly go down as a club legend.

What do you think West Hams strengths and weaknesses are?

West Ham’s defensive has been a massive strength for them so far this season, physically they’ve been able to compete against anyone. Their whole style of play so far has been very effective and great to watch, they are able to transition very quickly and have been effective in attacking play which has led them to a current top 4 position in the league. Personally, I wouldn’t say West Ham have many weaknesses this season as this is their best run in the league in a decade. 

How do you think Arsenal will get on for the rest of this season?

I’m very positive that we can secure a top 6 finish in the league this season, as our main focus is to secure that place in European football. We haven’t been in the best form in recent years however look at the likes of Liverpool for an example. I’m very hopeful we can return to the glory days of yesterday even though at this stage of the season we are a mid-table team I feel we are heading in the right direction. 

What player for Arsenal should opposing teams watch out for?  

This season Arsenal definitely have four exciting players that teams need to watch out for, Kieran Tierney, Bukayo Saka, Emile Smith Rowe and Gabriel Martinellie. These are definitely players who are starting to make a big name for themselves so far this season.

How do you think Arteta has handled this season for you?

Arteta definitely deserves more credit than he currently gets. He walked into a club who was under a massive amount of pressure from the supporters & media. I feel if we can secure that European trophy then it will be a successful season. It’s clear to see that Arteta is pointing the club in the right direction, he’s puts his trust in the youth system and has brought some exciting new players into the squad. 

Were you just as happy as West Ham fans when we won 2-1 against Tottenham?

As an Arsenal fan watching Tottenham get beat on any occasion is great! Definitely lighted my mood for the day as I say it would have done the same for all your fans, massive three points!

With the likes of Aubameyang, Lacazette and Pépé are you surprised of where you are currently in the table this season?

Aubameyang just isn’t performing this season, Lacazette isn’t getting chances and Pepe has been awful. The lack of consistency has been our biggest down fall with these players, when we are good. However, we have had too many off days this season which shows in our poor league form. 

What are your score predictions for West Ham v Arsenal?

As a true Arsenal supporter, I will always back them no matter who we play, I say 3-1 Arsenal. 

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