Opposition View: Baggies and Hammers meet at the tail end of contrasting seasons

'Soucek and Coufal are both up there with Antonio as top players this season'

As the season draws to a close, Olivia Elliott caught up with West Brom fan Lee Batham ahead of the two sides meeting in the mid-week, penultimate game of the season.

Who would you consider the best player is for West Ham?  

I personally think that Soucek and Coufal are both up there with Antonio as top players this season.

What do you think West Hams strengths and weaknesses are?

Strength is in defence; Dawson is as reliable as ever along with Soucek and Coufal. A Weaknesses are undoubtedly up front without Antonio you are toothless- you need another striker!

How do you think West Brom will get on for the rest of this season?

Sadly, it’s written in the stars that with our owners awful attitude towards the club we were destined for relegation from week one. We’re down but we’ll be back (one day!).

What player for West Brom should opposing teams watch out for?

Pereira, Robinson, Diagne, Yokuslu are up there. Pereria is a Magician, Robinson is currently on fire, Diagne and Yokuslu are both on loan and are absolute BEASTS! We will no doubt see them in the Premier League in years to come, especially Yokuslu!

Do you think sacking Slaven Bilić was a mistake?  

At first, I thought it was a cataclysmic error from Lai and Co but after seeing the improvement in the players brought in after Bilić had gone I’d reckon it was the right decision. 

Sam Allaydce love him or hate him?

Fat Sam is a Dingle Wolves fan end of. I only have hate for him

Were you happy with the signing of Grady Diangana?  

I was extremely happy with the signing of Grady, but he has shown his petulant side by throwing his toys out of the pram when things aren’t going well.

Whats the story behind you singing boing boing baggies baggies?

It started in mid 92 away at Preston in a midweek game a Dutch dance tune Poing Poing came on over tannoy, Albion fans took to bouncing up and down on the wooden boards to keep warm changing the Poing to Boing. The full Boing Boing Baggies Baggies was then 1st heard Wycombe wanderers away in the FAC the following week

What are your score predictions for West Brom v West Ham?

The way we are playing at the moment the score could be anything. My sensible head says 2-1 Hammers, but my heart is telling me 3-3. 

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