Peak excitement for European nights under the lights

I’ve waited for our performance level to drop, but they just haven’t

My levels of excitement at the start of this month were off the charts.

I would go as far as to say they were akin to that of a child on Christmas Eve.

We’d picked up seven points from our opening three games, had briefly sat top of the Premier League table, we’d signed quality international players with a wealth of European experience, and we now know who we will be facing in our Europa League group.

Pretty much since Project Restart, I’ve waited for our performance level to drop, for things to start going drastically wrong – but they just haven’t.

Sure, we’ve had the odd disappointing result but we’ve always bounced back with an unbeaten run or a couple of impressive wins.

We all know the script when we get too excited and hopeful watching West Ham, but when is our bubble going to burst?

For me, I really just want to enjoy the ride this season, and see what this campaign brings.

I’m going to focus on the joy, bury the despair – at least until the summer – and I just hope we can achieve something special. 

With the signings we made late on in the transfer window, I really hope we can bed them in and have them up to speed by the time our Europa League campaign kicks off later this month.

I really hope we go for it in the Europa League and put ourselves in the best chance of progressing out of the group. 

I’m dreaming of those knockout stages because I think although we’ll be underdogs, we’d be a huge threat and concern to any of the top teams in the latter stages.

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