The Ex Files: ‘Away days are back – I didn’t realise how much I missed them’

Fans are creating an amazing atmosphere at Premier League games

Isn’t it brilliant to have football back as we know it? I was lucky enough to go to the first three games this season and it really has made me appreciate how much I missed it. 

I went to Newcastle on the train with hundreds of other West Ham fans and the atmosphere was bubbling even in the train station in London. The great thing about going on the train is you can drink and you bump into so many familiar faces.

We got into Newcastle at about 12 and sampled the atmosphere in town. It was great with both sets of fans clearly buzzing to be back at games.

We made our way to the ground via a classic burger van and as a man who appreciates his food, I’ve even missed those a lot. 

If you haven’t been to St James’ Park before, you probably underestimate just how hard it is to get to your seat. 

Once you climb the 5,000 steps (OK, that might be a slight exaggeration) you have to try and style it as you walk straight into the West Ham fans who all watch your reaction as you go up the stairs.

After that hike we made our way to our seats and I said to Dave something feels special about today. But after Wilson got his standard goal against us, I really felt I had spoken too soon.

Thankfully this changed with a superb second half performance where Declan Rice became a man possessed and turned the game for us. 

There is nothing like an away day win. And the atmosphere on the way home was special and made me so thankful that football was back. 

The Leicester game was the best atmosphere I think that we have positively ever experienced in the new stadium. 

If we can maintain the atmosphere like this for the rest of the season, it is going to be special. 

I also thought the Palace game had a good feel until they frustrated us on the pitch but there were times again when the atmosphere was great. Let’s hope this continues.

What really made us feel like we were well and truly back was the return of our pre match events before the Palace game. 

We were lucky enough to have Tony Cottee as the guest. He gave us an interesting insight into his career and also his involvement with PAI Capital. 

Although I am still really unsure on where I stand with PAI, their strategies and ideas. 

We have been lucky enough to speak to them a few times but I feel like I still don’t have all the information I need before I can make an informed judgement on whether they have my support or not. 

I don’t even know who the main investors are in this consortium so without knowing the main players, how can you judge?

Tony spoke very eloquently about why he has joined them at the event and I have uploaded these videos onto our patreon. 

Our next guest before the Manchester United fixture is West Ham legend Alan Devonshire and if you are a patreon member you get £5 off tickets.  

Why not sign up here and experience both

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