The Last Word: PAI Capital’s public campaign has been nothing short of a car crash

So this is a bloke who can't negotiate with a tout but wants to negotiate an alleged £400m bid?

There is a widely held conviction by some – notably on Twitter – that ClaretandHugh is entirely pro-board but that is just not true.

But fair enough; That’s the world we live in and as far as the personal stuff is concerned, the words ‘water’ and ‘duck’s back’ come to mind.

But it makes things difficult when trying to debate a subject such as the attempted takeover by PAI Capital in the balanced and logical manner it deserves.

There are those who hold the view that anybody is better than Gold, Sullivan and Brady, others want to know a lot more about a consortium where each member will be looking for a return on their capital as admitted by their new frontman Tony Cottee in a ClaretandHugh video with Gonzo.

So those who complain that the current owners charge interest on their loans should get used to the idea that PAI will be doing precisely the same.

David Sullivan was the first to reveal that rumours of a takeover bid being on the table being true but he also claimed that, in his view, it was a property deal and that he wouldn’t sell to them.

PAI, meanwhile, have been running a press campaign which most have seen as a car crash.

Claims by the head of the consortium that he’d been a Hammers fan since being unable to buy a ticket off a tout back in the 80s were amusing.

So this is a bloke who can’t negotiate with a tout but wants to negotiate an alleged £400m bid?

Since Sullivan cleared up the rumours, we have had an ongoing media campaign from PAI that has included most of the mainstream papers, Sky, talkSPORT and as many websites as possible.

It’s possibly the first time the media has been used seemingly more than the lawyers who should surely be doing a deal privately, although frankly there doesn’t seem a deal to be done. Sullivan has made that clear.

At some point he will sell but it certainly won’t be until the ’embarrassment clause’ with the stadium owners expires in 2023 and probably won’t be until much later.

I will leave you with this: One has to wonder if these former players and this group really do have the best interests of the club at heart with their media campaign coming at the start of such an important season.

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