Opposition View: ‘Leeds attack in numbers and it makes for a really exciting game.’  

'I would have liked to see us sign a goal scorer to work with Bamford'

With a mixed start to this campaign, it looks as though Leeds could be in for that difficult second season in the Premier League. But it’s always great to play against them!

Ahead of this weekend’s trip to Elland road, we caught up with Leeds fan Emily Clarke.

How do you think your team will get on this season?

I think Leeds will finish in the top 10 again like last season with the possibility of even higher.  

Is there a new signing that opposing teams should watch out for? 

Our new left back Firpo is going to do well, also our signing from last season, Raphinha, is one to look out for with his speed and strength. 

Are you pleased with your transfer window so far?

I would have liked to have seen a few more transfers happen – maybe another holding midfielder or an attacking player. I would have also liked to see us sign a goal scorer to work with Bamford. 

How proud were you of Phillips’ performance throughout the Euros?

Extremely proud of Phillips who showed what he is capable of. A lot of people doubted him before the Euros but he proved them wrong. I’m very proud of him. 

But are you worried about second season syndrome or do you think fortress Elland Road will help you have another strong season?

I think we will have another strong season. Having all the fans back at Elland road will be a bonus and maybe be push us higher than last season. 

Is there anything you think West Ham should improve on this season?

Potentially maybe look at another striker to help out Antonio and take the pressure off him. You also need to keep hold of Declan Rice as he also proved what he is capable of in the Euros.

How disappointed were you that you couldn’t watch your first season back in the Premier League last year?  

It was very disappointing because it had been a long 16 years since we were last in the Premier League so everyone was excited to see Leeds back. For our first season, though, we did well and got some great results.

As it’s Mark Noble’s last season for West Ham, do you have any vivid memories of him playing against your team? 

I haven’t got any memories of Mark Noble but he did say ‘Leeds’ approach is not what you usually see from a newly-promoted team – or anyone really. They attack in numbers and at pace and it makes for a really exciting game every time they play’. 

What are your score predictions for our game against your side?


Finally, Emily, will your manager ever learn English?

I think the more time Bielsa spends at Leeds, the more English he will learn. Hopefully!

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