‘London Marathon effort ends in disappointment but I was more hurt by our Brentford defeat!’

West Ham weren’t the only ones to miss out on a reward on Sunday afternoon at the last minute.

I collapsed with heat stroke during the London Marathon just before the 25-mile marker, just before our game against Brentford kicked off.

I can’t remember collapsing but when I came to, I was being doused in ice and water as paramedics spent over an hour trying to get my temperature back to normal levels.

After 20 weeks of training, I was disappointed to have missed out on crossing the finish line having been so close, but my feeling the day after was one of pride.

That was the furthest I’d ever run and I had always wanted to take part in the London Marathon.

Sure, it wasn’t quite what I’d hoped the outcome would be, but it was still an incredible event to be part of, and once I recover, I’ll go again.

Most of Sunday afternoon was a blur to me but as I was being discharged by the paramedics, and putting on my Apple watch, I remember seeing Brentford’s last minute winner go in.

In all honesty, I was probably more disappointed about that than my marathon journey coming to such an abrupt end.

Thank you to everyone who has been in touch to wish me a speedy recovery and to also remind me of how far I’ve come, and how well I had done to reach 25 miles.

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