Opposition Talk: ‘I’m holding out hope that Spurs will get into a Europa League spot’

We catch up with Spurs fan Elstalksfooty ahead of our clash at the London Stadium

How do you think your team will get on this season?

I tried to be optimistic before the season began, but it’s tricky to do with Spurs. I’m still holding out hope that we’ll manage to get into a Europa League spot, but it wouldn’t surprise me if we didn’t. We’ve got a lot of problems throughout the squad that need resolving.

Is there a new signing that opposing teams should watch out for?

Bryan Gil hasn’t started a Premier League game yet but seeing his creativity in our Conference League qualifying game was fantastic.

For most of the summer it looked like Manchester City were going to sign Harry Kane, how surprised were you that he stayed?

I’m actually not that surprised that Kane ended up staying. It seemed inevitable that no team could realistically afford the £150m price tag set by Levy, especially for a 28-year-old with recurring injury issues. There are younger, fitter players with huge potential that you can sign for that money. I’m just hoping that the turbulent summer doesn’t impact his form.

How did you feel about Spurs wanting to join up with the Super League?

I honestly found it hilarious at first when we signed up to the Super League. Yes, we reached a Champions League final two years ago, but realistically what gives Spurs the right to enter a Super League? The entire concept was disgusting and just disregarded the fans, which should be the heart of any club. I was highly disappointed with those higher up at my club, but unfortunately not surprised.

Jose Mourinho won a trophy at every club he has managed – apart from Tottenham. Why do you think that is?

Because he got sacked the week of a cup final! I genuinely believe we could have won the League Cup had José not been sacked. Winning trophies is his speciality, and Levy and the club robbed the fans of the chance to see what we’ve been missing for 13 years.

How pleased are you with Nuno’s start?

On paper, besides the Crystal Palace and Arsenal results, we’ve had a very decent start under Nuno. He has brought the best out of Sánchez and Dier, which is something I never thought I would see. We haven’t created many chances yet this season and we lack creativity in the middle.

But how disappointed were you that West Ham finished above you last season?

Of course I was disappointed to finish behind West Ham last season, but to be honest I was surprised that more teams didn’t. We had a very disappointing season, full of issues, and West Ham were seriously impressive. They thoroughly deserved to finish where they did.

As it’s Mark Noble’s last season for West Ham, do you have any vivid memories of him playing against your team?

I’m pretty sure Noble’s first ever Premier league goal was against us. He took it on the volley, which isn’t something you’d associate with him nowadays.

What are your score predictions for your side against West Ham?

West Ham 2 Tottenham 0

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