David Gold: ‘Most clubs don’t have a Mark Noble – We’re very lucky we did’

As part of our long goodbye to Mr West Ham Mark Noble, David Gold paid his own tribute to the club captain during a recent interview with Blowing Bubbles.

‘We’ve been lucky to have such a man that joined West Ham at such a young age and played with us right through his career — he has done all the things that I wanted to do. He’s up there with Billy Bonds as one of the best players not to get an England cap having been so close on numerous occasions. 

‘What an ambassador he has been for us. Off the pitch, he just knows where to be, he knows who needs an arm around the shoulder, he realises the club is his life and he gives everything to the football club.  He doesn’t leave anything out on the pitch, he doesn’t leave anything out anywhere. He is there for everybody. He is great with the youngsters too.  

‘Some clubs do have a Mark Noble but most don’t, and we are lucky because of that.’

Read the full interview with David Gold in our latest issue

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