The Last Word: Our dreams will fade and die unless the board steps up and delivers

If we want to hold onto players we need to bring in quality players to ensure that top four hopes remain a reality

West Ham co-owner David Sullivan at the Arsenal v West Ham United EPL match, at the Emirates Stadium, London, UK on 11th December, 2021.

West Ham’s new board hopefully understood one thing very clearly ahead of the January window and it goes beyond requiring a number of new players.

With results diving last month, it’s clear we need a striker, and defender or two – we all know where – if we are to halt a slide which threatens more than our league position.

For the first time in years we have several players  – and of course one in particular – who would command real money in any transfer window.

Declan, Tomas – whose form I believe has been affected because his role has been changed – Jarrod Bowen, and at his best, Vladi Coufal – are widely admired across the Premier League and abroad.

If we want to hold onto them then we need to bring in quality players to ensure that the top four or six hopes remain a reality.

For me that will be the only deciding issue on whether Declan decides to sign what has been described to me as the biggest contract in the history of the club.

If real ambition is not shown and big money made available, the board will be showing their hand that at this stage that they are not ready to seriously splash cash to keep them happy.

These are now seen as top players world wide and beyond and they will want to know they belong to a club which is going places. If not their departures look certain. 

Good players only stay at ambitious and successful clubs – why would they stay?

Daniel Kretinsky’s arrival could not have been better timed and he will have no intention of wanting to lose the best players. Thus far he has said there is unlikely to be any big spending in January – maybe because top players don’t move at this time of the year.

But let’s make no mistake about this, top players need to arrive by next summer and in the meantime we have to maintain at toppish of the table level this term. As far as I can see the future of Declan and maybe the others depends on it.

I can’t fully understand either why Soucek’s role has been changed to a more defensive operation whilst Declan has been told to get forward more.

Soucek became Hammer of the Year in his first season playing his natural game and hasn’t looked the same at all this time around.

I’m sure that has affected him and his body language at times has not been great.

Yes we trust Moyes but that has raised a worrying question in my mind the first of which is that we have lost perhaps 25 per cent of a great midfielder’s game.

Centrally, however, this squad needs serious reinforcement if those dreams aren’t to fade and die again.

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