Opposition View: ‘Man Utd need trophies, it’s been too long’

This month we catch up with Manchester United supporter Riaz ahead of a big clash in terms of the Top 4 this weekend…

How do you think your team will get on this season?

I think we will go towards the end of the remaining knockout competitions (FA Cup and Champions League) and finish in the top four, possibly winning the FA cup depending on how serious we take it. With the recent change in manager, it is hard to predict as I don’t know how the players will react to the new tactics.

What do you see as a success this season Riaz?

We need trophies, it’s been too long. Before the season started, I expected a serious title challenge given the signings we made, but the league looks long gone now. Any trophy would be great but for the season to be truly successful, we have to win the Champions League. Some people might laugh but stranger things have happened.

How has it been having Ronaldo back at Old Trafford?

It’s amazing! Those couple of days where he almost joined City then came back to us was a whirlwind of emotions. He’s still a world class player at 36 and as a United fan growing up, I always wished he’d come back one day. I didn’t think it would actually happen though. He’s been made a scapegoat for some of our shortcomings this season but without him we would have been truly in the mud.

What has Lingard done wrong at Old Trafford to not be given any opportunities?

He was a great impact sub at the start of the season, so I am surprised to not have not seen him given more game time under Ole. We’ll have to see if Rangnick utilises him. We have a lot of depth across the wingers and attacking midfielders which will always make it difficult.

Speaking of Rangnick, what are your thoughts on him, and who would you like to see in charge next season?

He’s a breath of fresh air. The way he conducts himself in press conferences is great to see and he’s here to win. I’m more excited about the prospect of him in a consultancy role next season, as it’ll be interesting to see how he operates from upstairs with our board. I would love to see Erik ten Hag as our manager next season. What he’s been doing with Ajax over the years has been incredible and I’d love to see his style of football at Old Trafford.

Do you think Ole overstayed his welcome?

Unfortunately, I think he did. Although he did some good at the club, the Europa League final proved to me he wouldn’t win us trophies as a manager. We did progress under him, but his limitations as a manager meant we weren’t progressing as much as we should’ve been, and it caught up to him once we had actual expectations to challenge. The 5-0 defeat to Liverpool should’ve been it but he could have been sacked before that.

As it’s Mark Noble’s last season do you have any vivid memories of him playing against your team?

I still remember when he tried to fight Pogba a few years ago in a 0-0 draw. It was so funny watching him try and square up given the size difference. They did make up after the game though. I remember when he scored twice against us from the spot when you were fighting relegation, but we won 4-2. The recent incident of him coming on just for the penalty and missing is up there as a very memorable moment as well.

Are you Glazers in or out?

I am 100% Glazers out and I think every United fan will agree with me on this. They are more focused on the commercial side of the game instead of the footballing side. Rivals see some of the big signings we’ve made and think it’s OK, but we had to overspend for a long time due to years of underinvestment into the squad.

What’s your score prediction for your game against West Ham?

2-1 win for United

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