Opposition View: ‘…once new signings settle in, we’ll pull a run of wins together’

We catch up with Newcastle fan Jack Charlton ahead of a big clash for both sides

This month we catch up with Newcastle fan Jack Charlton ahead of a big clash for both sides – the Magpies are trying to keep afloat, while the Hammers are trying to keep up!

How do you think your team will get on for the remainder of this season?

We’ll stay up as long as we have a good January window. It’ll make or break us. So far it’s been good, and once the new signings settle in, I think we’ll pull a run of wins together. I’m going to be optimistic and say we come 17th – just enough!

How does it feel to be the supporter of the richest club in the world?

It’s incredible. However the priority was always getting Mike Ashley out the club. This is why it’s so special. Luckily we hit the jackpot with Ashley’s replacement but I would have taken any owner over him.

But what are your thoughts on your new owners?

It’s a sensitive topic because of the poor Saudi human rights record. But I think once you let China, Russia, Abu Dhabi into the league, you can’t turn down the Saudis. Football is so powerful when it comes to spreading awareness, such as ‘no room for racism’, and I think we can use football to adapt how they operate in Saudi Arabia.

And when do you think Eddie Howe will get the sack?

If he keeps us up, then he’ll get £200m to spend. I think there will be a top 12 objective next year. If it isn’t looking likely then I think he’d be gone by Christmas 2022.

Do you really think a 31-year-old right back is the right kind of player to keep you up?

I think Trippier will provide some moments of quality that could be the difference between a win and a draw. He’s still very athletic, and has an incredible delivery on him. He’s brilliant from set pieces and improved defensively since working under Simeone. He’s gonna be vital for us.

As it’s Mark Noble’s last season do you have any vivid memories of him playing against your team?

It was the 18/19 season when Noble stepped up to take a penalty to secure a 2-0 win against us at your ground. King of penalties and just to mention I am a massive admirer of Noble.

What’s your score prediction for your side’s clash against West Ham?

I’ll go for a one-all draw

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