Opposition View: ‘We may not score a lot but we don’t concede a lot, so it balances out’

We chat to Wolves supporter Luke Bennett ahead of a huge game this weekend

This month we catch up with Wolves supporter Luke Bennett ahead of a huge game this weekend. It’s fair to say these two didn’t think they’d be such close competition this year!

How do you think your team will get on for the remainder of this season?

I think we are doing well at the moment. We are currently in the top half of the Premier League and I think we can at least get top 10 this season and potentially push for top six and get back into Europe for next season.

What are your thoughts on Bruno Lage?

I didn’t really know much about Bruno Lage when he first came to us last summer but he has done an amazing job with us and surprised me so far. I feel we play more attacking football under Bruno than we did under Nuno.

You say you play more attacking football but why are there hardly any goals in your matches?

I feel like we create a lot of chances but we just can’t finish them. I feel this might be down to players rushing the chances or down to the shooting staff on the training pitch but overall it’s down to the players to put in that extra bit so they can improve themselves.

Wolves have scored 14 let in 14 though, do you enjoy watching such low scoring games?

I would prefer to watch high-scoring games when watching but at the end of the day, we might not score a lot but we don’t concede a lot ever so it balances out. However, I do feel if we start scoring more we can be higher in the table and make our games more entertaining to watch.

How much did Wolves need a striker in the January transfer window?

I didn’t think we needed another striker as we have a few like Jimenez and Silva but I do think maybe we should get one in the summer for next season.  

Did you think letting Traore go in this transfer window would be a good move?

I thought we should cash in on Traore as his contract is up in the summer of 2023 and it doesn’t look like he will sign a new one.

As it’s Mark Noble’s last season do you have any vivid memories of him playing against your team?

I remember he scored a screamer against us back in August 2009 when West Ham beat us 2-0. Outside of the box and a very clean strike to put it into the top left corner.

What’s your score prediction for your side’s clash against West Ham?

I’m going for a 2-1 win

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