The Last Word: Summer is key to Moyes’ desire to take West Ham to the next level

We did not sign anyone in the January transfer window but Moyes believes that the club has to continue to improve

David Moyes has admitted the upcoming transfer window is vital to West Ham’s progression as a club but will he and the club deliver this summer?

We did not sign anyone in the January transfer window but Moyes believes that the club has to continue to improve, and that player recruitment is central to that. He believes that the club has put together a system and a backroom team that is supportive and is aiming to reach the next level, and he admits that the summer will be absolutely vital to the club’s chances of progressing.

Speaking to reporters recently, he said: ‘The board are really enjoying the period they’re in, like the manager is. We want to build on it. We want to make it better. We’ve grown really quickly, really fast in two years.

‘The next bit is to get another good layer of foundations in so we can try to build for, not just the next six months, or the next year, but we can try to get another layer of foundations in which gives us a chance to be successful for the next two or three years going forward.

‘That’s where I’m seeing it. The next transfer window would be important for me to get that next layer of foundations down for it.’

All well and good but a little ironic on what we’ve seen so far in the market with the manager claiming that he wasn’t prepared to sign players who were no better than we had – can I mention two names Moysie; Kral and Vlasic (signed for £27 million).

Hard work ahead

The reality is that for all the words David Moyes has surely left himself one hell of a lot to do in the summer when he could have a minimum of half a dozen players to find given a winter of inactivity. Mark Noble is retiring, Angelo Ogbonna – although the club has said they will offer him a new deal – will soon be 34, Aaron Cresswell is 32 and a back up is needed anyway, Antonio is going on 32 with back up required, and Yarmolenko and Fredericks will most likely leave on frees.

And that’s all before we think about how the squad is to be improved in other areas long term such as in goal with Fab entering his likely final season with us and midfield with question marks hanging over Declan.

Then we also have Craig Dawson – who has proved to be a great signing – will be 32 in May which leaves us with Zouma and Diop at around the right ages. It’s worrying because Moyes is known to be slow in the transfer market anyway and it’s never a great idea to be bringing in half a dozen or more players at a time for a new campaign.

Given his past record in the market this could be a very difficult summer for Moyes and us – a real fingers crossed time.

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