Opposition View: ‘I still see that we can fight this battle to stay up…’

With this weekend’s opponents Burnley looking to pick up points in a relegation scrap, we catch up with Burnley fan Liv Ingham to get her views.

Do you think Burnley will stay up this season?

LI: I want to say no to getting relegated because I have seen a team that has more than enough chance at being in the Premier League; even to be able to do well and not fight a relegation battle every season. However, after watching the last few games, with Dyche’s tactics and substitutions – as well as the players not being able to keep possession for most games – we don’t even look like a Championship team. With Burnley we turn up against the bigger teams like Chelsea and Liverpool but as soon as it’s a must win game, it’s like we forget how to play football. I still see that we can fight this battle to stay up, after the games that have gone against us.

You’ve won only a handful of games this season. What is the main problem for you?

LI: Our main problem for not winning games this season is probably Dyche’s tactics, our long balls, players not being in their actual positions, players being out of form and not having a big enough squad. We’ve had a couple of injuries but the players we have to replace them haven’t even played a game in years. This is why I think the request that Klopp is making for five substitutes in a game is ridiculous for teams like Burnley, Norwich, Watford who can’t even fill a bench. Having five substitutions wouldn’t help, imagine a team like City who have world class players (even their benched players) having five substitutions to refresh the team and then Burnley who have 18 year olds sitting on the bench.

Do you want Sean Dyche to stay or go depending on whether you get relegated?

LI: I would like Sean to stay if we go down, we’ve been here before and we can come back up again. However if we can’t do well in the Championship then I think it’s time for him to leave. I’m so thankful for what he’s done for Burnley but he’s got to go at one point he can’t stay forever.

We’ve just had the international break and Burnley ‘keeper Nick Pope played against the Ivory Coast, who do you think Liv should be our Number One?

LI: I’m proud of Pope having been called up to the England squad again. I think he deserves it, however Pickford will probably edge him at the World Cup later this year with what he’s done for us at the Euros and World Cup. Both are great goal keepers but it would have to be Pickford for me.

At Burnley Liv, do you think Wout Weghorst fits in your team?

LI: I think he just needs to get used to our style of football. He’s been alright but I think he just needs to adjust to the team. He’s a great player and has passion to see our club succeed. I’ve already seen how much of a team leader he is, giving the players some stick when something goes wrong. As soon as he gains his confidence with us I feel like he will be our star boy.

What are your thoughts on West Ham going through to the quarter finals of Europa League?

LI: I enjoy watching West Ham, I appreciate a club that’s been a mid-table club for some time, to now being in the Europa League quarter finals. It makes a difference from it always being the big six.

As it’s Mark Noble’s last season do you have any vivid memories of him playing against your team?

LI: A Mark Noble memory I remember is when we were playing you away at your home ground and we beat you 0-3. There was a pitch invader running with the corner flag and he just pushed him over and the person went flying.

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