Opposition View: I’m feeling really happy with how we’ve done this season

This month we catch up with Brighton supporter Abby Pryer

It’s a big weekend ahead to close the Premier League this season. West Ham are guaranteed European football, but can still make the Europa League and Brighton are looking to round off a successful mid-table season. We caught up with Brighton supporter Abby Pryer ahead of this weekend’s meeting.

Brighton have been West Ham’s bogey team for the past few seasons; Why do you think that is?

AP: Whenever we play West Ham we always seem to make it difficult. Even if we haven’t been at our best, we always put in the performance and somehow you can never get the three points from us. I also think perhaps in the past (not so much now) West Ham have been a little unprepared in the prospect that they’ll be 1-0 up. Then it would reach 85th minute and you sort of lay off a bit. Brighton have been very lucky this season with how many goals that we have scored so late on in the game.

And how are you feeling now as we near the end of the season?

AP: I’m feeling really happy with how we’ve done this season. In the past, as everyone knows, we have always been in a relegation battle. While this season isn’t over, it’s not been as nerve racking as other seasons, and us fans can just enjoy watching our team play. I think what Graham Potter has done has been brilliant, his tactics and the way he coaches is top class, and it would be great for us to finish in the top 10.

Are worried that another team is going to come in for Graham Potter?

AP: Yes and no. Yes because every time a team sacks a manager, Potter is always a name that’s mentioned. I feel that possibly if a bigger club came in for him then there’s a possibility that he’ll go. But I also say no because I feel he’s only just getting started at Brighton. Every manager will have goals and achievements they want, so until he’s achieved them with us then I don’t think he’ll go. 

Is there a certain position you need to fill or would like to improve for next season?

AP: Definitely a striker. It’s been a problem of ours for a few seasons now. So hopefully improvement is on the way and we can get them goals that we are lacking.

You mention goals Abby, only Burnley and Norwich have scored less goals than you. How are you not getting relegated?

AP: Our defence has always been pretty solid. We also had a really good start to the season. In previous seasons we have had a poor start and we would struggle to find the points. We are pretty good at grabbing points from games so that’s helped us.

What were your thoughts on West Ham being in the Europa League semi finals?

AP: It was amazing. It wasn’t so long ago that West Ham were in a similar position to Brighton. Fighting relegation to then being in the Europa League semi finals – it’s a massive achievement! David Moyes is also a manager that’s underrated, he’s done a brilliant job in helping West Ham.

As it’s Mark Noble’s last season playing for West Ham, do you have any vivid memories of him playing against your team or in general?

AP: Mark Noble’s first senior West Ham goal was against Brighton in the third round of the FA Cup. He was only 19 years of age – crazy to see how far he has come since then.

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