‘Awesome Dawson still has plenty of offer after stellar season’

Injuries to Ogbonna and Zouma could have derailed our season but Craig helped to steady the ship

Craig Dawson (WHU) at the Arsenal v West Ham United EPL match, at the Emirates Stadium, London, UK on 11th December, 2021.

Awesome Dawson is the name that we have loved to hear at West Ham this season.

I’m a massive fan of Dawson and I particularly think it’s because I thought he was such a random buy for us. A player I personally had never heard of and for £2 million, you wouldn’t have expected him to be as vital to us as he has been this season. I absolutely love Craig Dawson.

When we initially signed big Dawson I was a bit sceptical about it.  My best friend supports Watford and absolutely despises him along with other Watford fans. I’m not too sure what he has done for them to not like our Craig but who’s the real winner now?

I thought he would just be a player who comes to West Ham for a season or two and you’ll never see him again.  Oh how I was so wrong. I normally hate being proven wrong but when it comes to West Ham, I absolutely love it.

Truly awesome

I like to call him Awesome Dawson because that’s the best way to describe him. He is truly awesome.  For someone to play first team football week-in-week-out and be in the Europa League team of the competition says a lot.

You may think I’m crazy reading this but I’m quite disappointed how he didn’t get a call up to the England squad. How can you be in the team of the competition for the Europa League – one down from the Champions League – and not get a call up?  I think Southgate just has it in for West Ham as look how long it’s taken another West Ham player to make the England squad other than Rice.

Without Dawson, we wouldn’t have gone as far in Europa League as we did. That game he had against Lyon was honestly one of the best performances I have seen from a player in a long time. A beast in the air, a beast at the back and just a beast overall. I had no worries about him that night. It’s so crazy to think about where he has come from to where he is now. Playing in the Europa League Semi Final is insane for someone who cost us £2 million.    

For how much longer?

Dawson is now 32 years old and I’m not sure how much longer he will be in the first team for. His contract runs up at the end of next season and I really hope he tops this season. He’s also been playing with an injury all season but he has been a true warrior and trooper for us and pushed through it.  

I’ve heard numerous times as well that he hangs back after training has finished to get in that extra one-on-one practice with the coach. This is what we love to hear; A hard working player earning his place in the first team.  

Do I think Ogbonna and Zouma will start over him next season? I sadly do, however, it gives us room for rotation for injury prone Ogbonna, or just to rest one of the centre backs every now and then. Dawson starts for me ahead of Diop even though Diop still has potential there but after the season Dawson has had it would be silly not to put him before Diop.    

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