Opposition View: ‘We need to get back into the Champions League and start winning trophies’

We catch up with Manchester United fan Nathan Whitaker to discuss their season so far

We caught up with Manchester United fan Nathan Whitaker ahead of a fixture that is rarely a dull occasion!

Which new players should opposing teams look out for?

A familiar face to football fans in England   – Christian Eriksen. He has quietly been superb for us so far. He is a top class footballer and he seems to have made other players step up their game as well.

You’re in the Europa League this season. Is it vital you win that this season?

I don’t think it’s vital, but with the strength of the Premier League now I do think it’s United’s best way back into the Champions League this season as I feel we may be too inconsistent to get top four.

But is it vital to win a trophy this season?

I wouldn’t say vital, but like others before him, our manager spent heavily and will be judged on trophies eventually. He’s a great manager and it would give him breathing space if he needs it.

What would be classed a success for United this season?

We need to get back into the Champions League and then work out a way to start winning trophies again. From a personal point of view I would also like Ten Hag to build a team we can like. We haven’t had that for a long time.

What is all the drama with Ronaldo about?

A love story that in hindsight maybe should never have happened. He is a legend but I think his arrogance means he still thinks he can do things that he could do at 25 and get away with it. Was brilliant last season but this season he looks what he is, which is a 37 year old centre forward. Glazers are milking the commercial value which is why he wasn’t allowed to leave.

Thoughts on Harry Magiure making the England squad when he can’t make your starting 11 in the Premier League nor Europa League?

He’s never let England down, I just feel United is too big for him. He needs to leave and enjoy football again. I believe he’s a scapegoat for many and I do think it’s a little unfair.

What are your thoughts on the season being postponed before Christmas for the World Cup to take place?

I love football around Christmas and I’m gutted we miss out on the dark Saturday 5:30 away day on the weekend before Christmas.  

Finally, what’s your score prediction for your side’s game against West Ham?

Always a tight game in recent years. I’ll go 2-1 to Man United.

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