Opposition View: ‘Top 10 would be a fantastic achievement for Palace’

This month we catch up with Crystal Palace fan Tommy Simmons

Crystal Palace v West Ham, Barclays Premier League, 03 December 2013

Who’s a new player opposing teams should look out for?

Tommy: We only have one new player who has featured really so it would have to be Cheick Doucoure. He’s come in and been brilliant so far. It’s nice to see a midfielder these days get stuck in with tackles and put his body on the line. He has already been suspended for five bookings which I like to see.

How’s your season going so far in South London?

Tommy: It’s a tough one really. I’m relatively happy with the start. I think a lot of fans expected us to kick on this year after having a good season last year and reaching the FA Cup semi final. But it’s always going to be tough for Palace, we have to be realistic and realise where we are as a club. We’ve started well at home coming from behind to win three games.

Are you gutted Tommy that you didn’t get Conor Gallagher on a permanent deal after his loan spell?

Tommy: He was great for us last year, he was second top scorer behind Wilf and his energy in midfield was unmatched. It was always going to be tough to get him back from Chelsea. It’s more disappointing that we haven’t been able to replace him with somebody else.

You’ve had Patrick Vieira now for two seasons. Have you noticed a difference in players and the way you play now?

Tommy: Definitely. It was painful under Roy towards the end. Under Vieira, we look to attack teams more and create chances. Last season was the best football we’ve played since getting promoted in 2013 so we can’t complain.

What are your thoughts on the season being postponed before Christmas for the World Cup to take place?

Tommy: I always love the games leading up to Christmas. I think the only positive thing is that it will be like a second preseason for us as I don’t think we have many players actually going out to Qatar.

Palace’s “ultra” support doesn’t go unnoticed. What’s your favourite chant you sing?

Tommy: I would have to go with “Pride of South London, south London’s number one” that’s a great one at away games. The obvious one would be “We love you” which we sing after games, although I hate it when West Ham fans sing it whenever they score against us even though I can’t help but smile. You’re the only team to do that.

What would be classed as a success this season?

Tommy: Success at Palace would always be a good run in the FA Cup and staying in the division – basically what we had last season. Top 10 would be a fantastic achievement this year.

Is it likely that a new eagle will come in following the sad death of Kayla back in 2018?  

Tommy: I haven’t heard anything which is a shame as it was always nice seeing her fly across the pitch before the game and onto the crossbar.

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